Enduring guardianship

enduring guardian

What is an enduring guardian?

An Enduring Guardian deals with your medical and health affairs and is only effective once you lose partial or complete capacity to make your own decisions.

Appointing an enduring guardian

Why appoint an enduring guardian?

By nominating an Enduring Guardian you are ensuring that a person that you trust will have the power to make decisions with respect to your health. It is often advisable that you talk to your nominated Guardian to inform them of your wishes with respect to your health.

Advance health directives

An Advance Health Directive is a document which allows a person to make decisions in advance regarding medical treatment. An Advance Health Directive (also known as an advance care directive) is a document that usually goes hand-in-hand with your Enduring Guardianship. It is a document with sets out specific instructions and details as to how decisions are to be made with respect to your health. This ensures that your family knows exactly what decisions you want made in various circumstances.

enduring guardianship

Guardianship Tribunal

If you or a family member are found not to have capacity to prepare an Enduring Guardian or Power of Attorney, you or a family member can apply to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to be appointed to such a role. The Guardianship Division of NCAT was formerly known as the Guardianship Tribunal. For more information visit the NCAT website: www.ncat.nsw.gov.au

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